Sore Lip Em All

Mini Magnet

The Mini Magnet is a much smaller version of the Trout Magnet on a 1/200 oz. gold jig head. The Mini Magnet is designed for both fly and spin fishermen. It can be fished as a dropper or in tandem with a Trout Magnet or another fly. When fly fishing it can be used like a midge, or a dropper fly under an indicator or another fly. When using spinning gear you use the Mini Magnet as a dropper to a Trout Magnet under the EZ Trout Float. Tie the Trout Magnet onto a fluorocarbon leader and leave an 18" tag end. Tie the Mini Magnet to the 18" tag end. While fishing, drift the Mini Magnet as close to the bottom as possible.

When To Use The Mini Magnet for Trout
Note: Always try the Trout Magnet by itself first.
1) After using the Trout Magnet and fish are spooked.
2) When using a fly rod.