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CUSA Sportsman of the Year

Jeff Smith

Published On : 1/19/2016

On October 10, 2015 Crappie USA announced the Cabela’s Crappie USA Sportsman of the Year award winner at their annual Cabela’s Classic Awards Ceremony.  This year’s winner was Crappie Magnet Pro Staff member Kris Mann.  Th...

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Summertime Fishin'

Roy Hawk

Published On : 6/30/2015

Summertime is panfish time - time to get out on the water with family and friends and enjoy some bluegill fishin' and catchin' with Trout Magnets. On a recent trip while fishing for bluegill with Trout Magnet's, 2 lb. SOS on our Sore Lip Rod -  ...

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New Trout Cranks - Now Available!

Published On : 2/21/2015

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our NEW re-designed 3.5" Trout Cranks AND the ALL-New 4" XD Trout Crank. The NEW 3.5" Trout Cranks feature a larger/stronger bill which will enable you to fish the bait deeper, this is combined with a fi...

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Published On : 2/6/2015

We are proud to announce the Slab Magnet, our newest lure in the Crappie Magnet Series. Slab Magnets catch Crappie, White Bass, Smallmouth, Yellow Bass, Skipjack Herring AND YES.. Trout! During the extensive field testing by our Pro St...

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Trout Magnet For Steelhead

Dylan D. - Blairsville, PA

Published On : 12/10/2014

My friend Joe and I took a trip to Erie’s Walnut and Elk creek on December 2 this year. It was our first time ever up there for steelhead and I didn’t know what all to take so I packed a lot of gear including my Trout Magnets that I carry...

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Catching Crappie on Cave Run Lake

Kris Mann

Published On : 8/11/2014

Take a few minutes to join our Pro-Staff member Kris Mann as he joins Tim Farmer, from Kentucky Afield's Television Show, as they catch crappie after crappie using Crappie Magnets in July on Cave Run Lake.

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Fishing Crappie Magnets on Talkin' Outdoors

Published On : 6/14/2014

Join Jeff Smith and "Wildman" Wilson on AGFC's "Talkin' Outdoors" as they show you how to spider rig using Crappie Magnets. They are catching crappie using Crappie Magnets on a White River Oxbow Lake. Music Provided By

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Bertha Brown Trout

David T. - Columbia, TN

Published On : 4/16/2014

I arrived at the Little Red River on the morning of April the 12th shortly after sunrise. I typically take my friends from Harding University fishing and show them how to use Trout Magnets, but this morning I was by myself, not many college kids want...

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Walleye on 2 lb S.O.S.

Published On : 3/31/2014

Early Spring 2014 - Fishing below Normandy Dam I got into the Kentucky bass. I have lost several trophy walleye there before and the guys I told about those fish never really believed me. Well today I caught 23 Kentucky bass and a walleye all on a Bi...

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Crappie Magnet: Secrets Revealed

Published On : 2/14/2014

Travel along with our crew as we fish for crappie using the Crappie Magnet and Double Cross jig heads. We demonstrate how to vertically fish with a single pole and how to fish the Crappie Magnet under a float.  Music Provided By www.freeplaym...

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