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New Trout Cranks - Now Available!

Published On : 2/21/2015

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our NEW re-designed 3.5" Trout Cranks AND the ALL-New 4" XD Trout Crank. The NEW 3.5" Trout Cranks feature a larger/stronger bill which will enable you to fish the bait deeper, this is combined with a fish attracting new body design, extra-sharp hooks, rattles and provide a unique "stop and go" action when fished with a jerk bait type retrieve. Check out all 6 of the fish catching colors in our online store!

The All-New 4" XD Trout Crank comes in all the great fish catching colors, have all the same great features as our NEW re-designed 3.5" Trout Cranks but all you to goXtra-Deep to find those big trout lying in the holes or to overcome heavy current and get the bait down into the fish feeding depths. Check out all 6 of the XD Trout Crank colors in our online store!

Thanks for taking a look at these exciting new Trout Cranks. Remember, everyday we ship every order for only $5.95.!
Sore Lip 'Em All,

Jeff Smith

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