Sore Lip Em All

Bertha Brown Trout

By David T. - Columbia, TN

Published On : 4/16/2014

I arrived at the Little Red River on the morning of April the 12th shortly after sunrise. I typically take my friends from Harding University fishing and show them how to use Trout Magnets, but this morning I was by myself, not many college kids want to wake up at 5:30 am on a Saturday. Eager to hit the stream, I threw on my waders, grabbed my vest, and started fishing. Spring was now in full swing and the fish were feeding. I caught a 17 inch rainbow on my first cast which was the biggest fish I had caught out of the Little Red up to that point. I clicked 11 rainbow trout on my counter in the first hour all on my last white Trout Magnet. Number 12 would take a little longer to get in than the others… I hooked into this 30 inch brown trout at about 8:15 am fishing that same white TM on 2lb SOS line, with a 2lb Phantom fluorocarbon leader, under an EZ trout float, attached to a Sore Lip Em’ all series rod. I was in for a fight that lasted over an hour which ended with nearby fishermen using their boat to net the monster for me. All my fish were caught on barbless hooks and released.

When using the Trout Magnet properly it out-fishes everything on the river; just use fluorocarbon in clear water, light line (ANY fish that swims in the Little Red can be caught on 2lb test if fought correctly), the right color (every river fishes differently in regards to color), and the right depth (fish it right off the bottom for best results).

I began trout fishing in August of 2013 and I want everyone to know that fishing with the Trout Magnet is simple, easy, and effective. God is good for blessing Jeff Smith and Todd Gainer with the ability to create such a great product, and in turn, enable people like you and me to go out and catch a lot of fish, and just maybe that fish of a lifetime.

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