Sore Lip Em All

Summertime Fishin'

By Roy Hawk

Published On : 6/30/2015

Summertime is panfish time - time to get out on the water with family and friends and enjoy some bluegill fishin' and catchin' with Trout Magnets. On a recent trip while fishing for bluegill with Trout Magnet's, 2 lb. SOS on our Sore Lip Rod -  we got on a White Bass [aka "stripe"] break.. When this happens to you don't be afraid to toss your Trout Magnet lure into the frenzy.. Our 2lb line can easily handle White Bass like this and when matched with our 6'6" Sore Lip or comparable rod makes for a great fight! We hope you too can get out on the water soon and enjoy some fun bluegill fishin' and catchin'..

Sore Lip 'Em All.!

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