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Trout Magnet For Steelhead

By Dylan D. - Blairsville, PA

Published On : 12/10/2014

My friend Joe and I took a trip to Erie’s Walnut and Elk creek on December 2 this year. It was our first time ever up there for steelhead and I didn’t know what all to take so I packed a lot of gear including my Trout Magnets that I carry during trout season. We stopped at the local field and stream store to get some extra information on what to use and they told us to use a product called trout beads and drift them down with a float or indicator. So after buying our licenses and some of these trout beads we went over to Walnut creek first to try our luck. They had a lot of rain in the week prior which we think washed a lot of the fish back into the lake and they were just starting to run up it again so there were not many fish in the stream this and they were probably fished for very heavily to this point as well. It was a very cold morning so there were not many people out at all. We started out using the trout beads and I used them for the first hour of fishing with no luck. The water was lower and really clear and I could see the fish in front of me so I decided to bring out my go to lure which is a gold trout magnet jig head with a gold worm on it. First cast I hooked up with a small Jack then a few casts later I caught a nice steelhead. More people started to show up and it got crowded so Joe and I decided to go grab a bite to eat then head over to Elk creek. We went over to Elk and talked to a guy as soon as we got there that said that eggs would do the trick and that he was catching them there in the morning. So we switched back to the trout beads to mimic an egg drift. This did not work no one in the stream was catching any. I noticed some fish breaking the surface so I switched back to the trout magnet and immediately hooked into another good steelhead. Over all the trout magnet performed awesome which they always do for most any species. They are the only thing I will use for trout when I am out and I will be sure to always have them on me for our future trips for steelhead.

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