Sore Lip Em All

Walleye on 2 lb S.O.S.

Published On : 3/31/2014

Early Spring 2014 - Fishing below Normandy Dam I got into the Kentucky bass. I have lost several trophy walleye there before and the guys I told about those fish never really believed me. Well today I caught 23 Kentucky bass and a walleye all on a Bison Trout Magnet using a 1/16 Crappie Magnet Double Cross jig head, 2 lb. test SOS line and 2 lb. test Phantom fluorocarbon leader. The Kentucky's were all between 14-16 inches…very nice fish. The walleye was 25.5 inches and weighed 8 pounds!…a trophy anywhere. This is just one more example of the versatility of the Trout Magnet. I caught 93 Kentucky bass there last Saturday and lost probably a 30 inch walleye.

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