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Best of the Best Kit

  1. Crappie Magnet Best of the Best Kit

Tackle Pack

Pond Hopper Combo

  1. Pond Hopper Combo

96pc. Kit

  1. Crappie Magnet 96pc Kit

Fin Spin Kit

Panfish Magnet Kit

  1. Panfish Magnet Kit

Fin Commander Favorites Kit

  1. Fin Commander Favorites Kit

Best of Crappie Combo

  1. Best of Crappie Combo

New Crappie Bundle

  1. Crappie Magnet Stocking Stuffer Bundle

 UNIQUE SPLIT TAIL STAYS OPEN: Body has very little action but will consistently outfish skirts and curly tails that have more action.

 PROVEN: One of the top vertical fishing jigs for Crappie on the market; Has WON SEVERAL TOURNAMENTS over the years.

 MORE DURABEL: This lure simply catches more Crappie and is more durable than other tube jigs.

• KIT CONTAINS EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR CRAPPIE: Our top Crappie Magnet body colors, Double Cross jig heads, and EZ Crappie floats; Fish lure vertically or under a float for best results

 MADE IN USA: with high-grade plastic and bright colors that will not tear like other plastics on the market.

How to Fish The Crappie Magnet™