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Husband/Wife duo with a passion for all things wild and all things fishing!

Cole and Jessica (Jay) Harken are living what some would consider “the dream.” This husband and wife duo team up to bring fresh fishing adventures to your news feed every week. They both share a passion for the outdoors and passing their knowledge onto others. They work very hard to bring fish catching content to their viewers which is where the Trout Magnet and Crappie Magnet comes into the picture. 

We have teamed up with Cole and Jay to bring their long time favorites to your tackle box! Below you’ll see the products they use daily in one convenient bundle. When you purchase a Cole and Jay bundle, you’re helping this family keep the dream alive!

Cole & Jay Trout Bundle
These are the products that Cole and Jay use all the time when they're out trout fishing. Cole's "go to" is the D2 jig. He loves the action on this lure that triggers big fish to bite. Jay's favorite style is to fish the Trout Magnet. The Trout Magnet has proven time and time again to out fish anything on the river.

Cole & Jay Crappie Bundle
Cole and Jay use these products no matter where they go to crappie fish. Paired with the eyehole jigs included in this bundle it is truly an unbeatable combo. Perfect for single pole fishing, this bundle has everything you need to fish anywhere from ultra clear water to super stained water.

Cole & Jay Bluegill Bundle
Cole and Jay love to go out and spend some time bluegill fishing. The Eyehole jig paired up with the Trout Magnet is an absolute game changer for bluegill. Add the included Slab Bites and a Panfish Float for an unbeatable combo.

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Cole & Jay
Trout Bundle

As low as $34.95

Cole & Jay
Crappie Bundle

As low as $34.95

Cole & Jay
Bluegill Bundle

As low as $24.95