Mini Magnet

The Mini Magnet™

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  1. Mini Magnet Kit


  1. Mini Magnet™ 10pc. Pack
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Jig Heads

  1. Mini Magnet™ Jig Heads 25pc. Pack
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 SMALLEST JIG ON THE MARKET: The Mini Magnet™ is a much smaller version of the Trout Magnet™. This lure will catch the finickiest fish that will not hit by downsizing to the smallest jig on the market.

 CATCH ALL SPECIES OF FISH: Designed for trout but will all species of fish.

 FLY OR SPIN: Designed for both fly and spin fishermen.

 DROPPER OR TANDEM: Can be fished as a dropper or in tandem with a Trout Magnet or another fly.

When To Use The Mini Magnet™ for Trout
Note: Always try the Trout Magnet by itself first.
1) After using the Trout Magnet and fish are spooked.
2) When using a fly rod.

How to Fish The Mini Magnet™