Slab Bites

Crappie Magnet™

Slab Bites

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Adding bait between the tails of a Crappie Magnet body increases the amount of bites you can get when fishing with the Crappie Magnet. We created a more durable bait to increase hits but stay on the hook. Try them out and see why our pro staff is so excited about these baits!

 STAYS ON THE HOOK LONGER: We designed the Slab bites with a denser substance that allows the bait to stay on the hook longer than other similar crappie baits. Slab bites are also longer pieces to provide more surface area to hold onto the hook.

 EXCLUSIVE PROPRIETARY SCENT: This scent was designed just for crappie and it outperforms all the competition.

 GREAT PRICE: This was made to be the best but at a great price.

 BRIGHT COLORS: Tested to be exactly the right colors for Crappie and panfish.

• MADE IN USA: Slab bites are made right here in the USA!