Sore Lip Em All

Fin Commander Slab Curly

• EXTRA LARGE CURLY TAIL BODY: This extra large curly tail has great action • HINGED MID SECTION: The middle part of the body has a hinged area that helps create a unique action to the middle of the lure • TAIL MOVES AT SLOW SPEED: The tail is designed to turn at very slow speeds • LONG LINING DREAM: The tail of this bait will turn at .4mph much slower than other curly tails • MADE IN USA: MADE IN USA with high grade plastic plastic and bright colors that will not tear like other plastics on the market. • The Slab Curly is a large curly tail made for casting and long lining. The large body, hinged midsection, and thin curl tail allows this bait to turn on slow speeds. You will not believe how well this large bait catches all sizes of Crappie. Use this bait for long lining or casting for best results.