Sore Lip Em All


The reason the Trout Magnet works so well is because it is balanced.

Why does the Trout Magnet outfish everything in the stream?
The unique 1/64oz shad dart head and split tail allows the lure to fall horizontally rather than vertically. Their entire food source flows down the stream with the current. This is why most jigs do not work for trout. The Trout Magnet, on the other hand, flows naturally with the stream. With constant 1" to 3" twitches of the rod tip, the lure looks life-like as it flows downstream. Most jigs would not respond to this type of rod tip motion. For first time users we recommend using colors pink, chartreuse, mealworm and white. The lure is 1 1/4 inches in length.

What is the best way to fish the Trout Magnet?
Our preferred method is to fish the Trout Magnet under an E-Z Trout Float. The float serves as a strike indicator as well as keeping the lure at the appropriate depth—allowing the lure to remain in the feeding zone longer. Simply set the E-Z Trout Float at the depth just above the river bed and allow the Trout Magnet to flow naturally with the current. Check out "Video Training Section" for more instructions.

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