Trout Worm 5pc Pack-White

Trout Worm 5pc Pack-White

Trout Magnet™ Worms 5pc. Pack

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Contains (5) Worm Bodies

The Trout Magnet™ Worms are a favorite of trout and panfish anglers. They have proven to be the perfect sized bait and colors for trout and panfish. Worms are not scented.

• MOST EFFECTIVE WHEN DRIFTED WITH CURRENT Drift the Trout Magnet™ Worm naturally near the bottom with current.

• WORKS BEST WITH TROUT MAGNET™ JIG HEADS & FLOATS The Trout Magnet™ Worm works best with a light wire hook and drifted with a split shot under a float.

• MADE IN USA: Trout Magnet™ Worms are made right here in the USA!

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