E.F. Black - 5 pc. Replacement Heads
Price: $1.79more
1/8 oz Chart. 25 pc. Double Cross Jig Heads
Price: $6.99more
Smoke 5 pc. Trout Worm Pack
Price: $0.99more


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Trophy Golden (Palomino) Trout
By Matt B. - Knoxville, PA
I have never caught anything to brag about...until I bought the Trout Magnet. I travel a great deal with my career so my fishing time is limited. For this reason, I never experiment with different bait and tackle - I go with what I know works. However, on my last trip to North Carolina I bought ...


Bertha Brown Trout
By David T. - Columbia, TN
I arrived at the Little Red River on the morning of April the 12th shortly after sunrise. I typically take my friends from Harding University fishing and show them how to use Trout Magnets, but this morning I was by myself, not many college kids want to wake up at 5:30 am on a Saturday. Eager t ...

Trout Magnet Story
By Coach Robert

April 3, 2014 

Leland Lures:
I saw your videos on YouTube. I ordered the line, the leader and your box of Trout Magnets.
As soon as I got my order, I went fishing.
My first cast and this is what I caught (see photo). It har ...

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