Fin Spin Blood Series

Fin Spin Blood Series

Available Late October

As low as


3pc Packs

 UNIQUE SHAD DART HEAD: Pushes water to the small willow blade allowing this lure to spin at lower speeds (.3mph) than other underspins on the market. 

VERSATILE: The Fin Spin Blood Series allows you to longline, spider rig, power troll, or cast it. You can add a curly tail, a minnow, or just fish it by itself. This lure was designed for crappie but works great for other species.

UNIQUE COLORS ONLY FOUND IN BLOOD SERIES: The Fin Spin Blood Series comes in 3 different colors only found in the Blood Series.

RED EYES & RED HOOK: The Fin Spin Blood Series is designed with red eyes and red Mustad hooks.

How to Fish The Fin Spin

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