Eye Hole - Minnow Head

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The minnow head style gives off a more realistic silhouette in clear water. Also works well in heavier current situations to get the baits down quicker.


The first jig head that holds your scent in place.

Add scent & color by placing scent in the eye hole of the lure. Locking the scent in place, allowing you to catch multiple fish on just one scent. Any scent can be used, but we recommend using Crappie Magnet® Slab Bites as they last longer than other scents.

Double Cross® side-barbs hold any jig body longer!

Our side-barb design holds lures tighter and longer while not impeding the hook gap.

Made with quality Mustad® hooks.

Custom made Mustad hook featuring UltraPoint technology. Mustad hooks are sharp and durable. Hook sizes are:

  • 1/16oz jig head, size 2 hook
  • 1/8oz jig head, size 1 hook
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